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VIDEO  -  Průřez našeho vystoupení v 6 ukázkách.

VIDEO 1 - 6

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Short Demonstration

na seznámení s naší 

ohňovou a světelnou šou.

Download 1:45  Better Resolut.

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Over the Hills and Far Away

Diana sings between three fires.

Castle Sovinec 2013.

Download 3:01  219MB  Better Resolution

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SKYRIM - Fire Fight 

Have you heard the legend of Skyrim fighters? 

Listen to the singer Diana. Castle Sovinec 2013 

Download 2:50  250MB  Better Resolution 

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KELTSKÁ NOC 2016 - Plumlov

Performance at the music festival Celtic Night. Plumlov July 23, 2016

Download 12:48  353MB  Better Resolution

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What about some fun on a skiing slope? 

Video from the ski resort Hlubočky. 2015 

Download 5:56  118MB  Better Resolution 

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Swords & Lightning and

friends. We met at

Bouzov Castle.

Download 3:12



   Videos illustrate what our shows are about. The records will never provide the impressions of a real live fire show, however they will somehow introduce the atmosphere of our performances. If downloading the video, click the mouse right button, save in PC and play. (Video parameters)


7 - 9


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    KOUŘIM - průřez vystoupením

  Ukázka z vystoupení v Kouřimi na akci Sen noci kouřimské, 12.9.2020.

 Download KOUŘIM 2020  10:25  482MB - Better Resolution

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    Over the Hills and Far Away - choreografie

  Choreografie Over the Hills .... byla inspirována Xenou princeznou bojovnicí. Ukázka z vystoupení ve Vidnavě na akci Noc kostelů, 24.5.2019.

 Download OH 2019  2:55  204MB - Better Resolution

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    UNIČOV - průřez vystoupením


  Ukázka z vystoupení na vánočních trzích v Uničově. 5.12.2018

 Download UNIČOV 2018  7:48  180MB - Better Resolution



10 - 14


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    VOCHTÁNKA - POTŠTEJN - průřez vystoupením


  Ukázka z vystoupení ohňové šou na Vochtánce, v keltském programu KABIŠNÍCI, které je celkově dlouhé 35 minut. 11.8.2018

 Download VOCHTÁNKA 2018  10:00  136MB - Better Resolution

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   Vystoupení na plese v Horních Moštenicích. 22.1.2016

 Download HORNÍ MOŠTĚNICE 2016  4:05  61MB - Better Resolution

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    Introduction - VÍGĽAŠ 2015

   Promo video made at the Castle Vígľaš.

Castle Vígľaš April 23, 2015

 Download VÍGĽAŠ 2015  0:37  15MB - Better Resolution

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    LA SKÁLA 2015

Rýmařov, Janovice

   Fire Show performed at 18th INDIANA GRAND PRIX of Western Arts, Aug. 7, 2015

 Download LA SKÁLA 2015  8:55  121MB - Better Resolution

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    JISTEBNÍK 2014

   Fire show at 8th year of International Festival of Brass Orchestras. Wonderful audience. Jistebník August 30, 2014

 Download JISTEBNÍK 2014  7:39  124MB - Better Resolution



15 - 19


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    Emerald Sword - RH4 2014

   Swords & Lightning full force. Typical choreography as performed on various occasions.

 Download RH4 2014  2:22  38MB - Better Resolution

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    Wishmaster - Firemaster - choreografie

   Meče blesky se zpěvačkou Dianou.

 Download Wishmaster 2014  2:48  33MB - Better Resolution

   Diana sings between three fires.

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     Introduction 2012

Brief introduction of fire and light show.

 Download INTRODUCTION 2012  2:08  46MB - Better Resolution

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     Rychnov 2011

Cross-section of a fire show.

Farewells to the summer of 2011 in a town brewery.

   The singer Julka in a guest performance. Compilation video from the Brewery Rychnov. Sept. 10, 2011

 Download RYCHNOV 2011  8:50  151MB - Better Resolution

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     UV & Light Show 2011

   Compilation of a few UV and light shows.

   When a fire show is not feasible, we offer this performance. Most of our shows combine a fire show with dominant part consisiting of UV and light show.

 Download UV & LIGHT SHOW 2011  6:20  73MB - Better Resolution



20 - 24


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     3 times CRAZY FIRE SHOW 2010

   Short compilation of our crazy tricks and experiments with fire:

   ● fiery skates    ● fiery horses    ● fiery skis    (2010)

 Download Crazy Fire Show 2010  0:47  18MB - Better Resolution

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     OVER THE HILLS...  2009

Swords & Lightning full force.

   Performance at 7th European Championship of Western Arts in Rýmařov, Aug. 8, 2009, and Šumperk Aug. 21, 2009.

 Download OVER THE HIILLS 2009  2:40  56MB - Better Resolution

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     MONK'S WAR 2009

Celts Going to War

   Fire, Fight and Dance. Celtic rhythms and energy at maximum. Choreography that is not to be seen anywhere else. Compilation of four recordings made in 2009.

 Download MONK'S WAR 2009  2:25  28MB - Better Resolution

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    KISS BABE 2008

Swords & Lightning at the Castle Bouzov..

Akáda and Žákis

   We have performed at the Castle Bouzov several times. Here is another video.

 Download KISS BABE 2008  2:34  205MB - Better Resolution

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Akáda and Žákis

   Performance at the wedding: the bride in between two fire-jugglers. Incredible experience for all involved.

 Download FIERY WEDDING 2008  2:45  31MB - Better Resolution



25 - 29


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     FLAG SHOW 2007

Flag show by Akáda and Žákis

   Compilation of two performances in Auerbach and Kroppenstedt Germany, summer and autumn 2007

 Download FLAG SHOW 2007  2:53  51MB - Better Resolution

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    BELTINE 2006

Akáda and Žákis

   Compilation reflecting the fantastic atmosphere of the Celtic Festival BELTINE 2006 in Lipnice nad Sázavou. Night of fire and magic. May 1, 2006

 Download BELTINE 2006  1:30  11MB - Better Resolution

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   AKÁDA LIVE - Performances with bands playing live

    Compilation of performances with bands HAPPY TO MEET, SALAMANDRA, DYING PASSION, HIGH TIME, RAMPA MUSIC and MILVUS.  (2005)

 Download AKÁDA LIVE  0:59  14MB - Better Resolution

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    Legend of Skarremar’s Kingdom  (2004)

  Compilation made of two 22-minute performances; recorded at the competition-show Crown of Budyň (Budyňská koruna) in the Castle Budyně nad Ohří. Performance with historical action figures.

 Download Legend of Skarremar 2:54  49MB - Better Resolution

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    FIRE SHOW 2003

   Recorded in the Cultural Centre Šumperk at a Greek Festival in 2003 with a professional camera and long exposure so that it records the effects the way a human eye perceives them in the dark.

 Download FIRE SHOW 2003  0:56  6MB - Better Resolution