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      Hello and welcome,
   Let me introduce myself a bit. I have been “in business” since 1996 when I did my first, quite simple performance on the anniversary of Freddie Mercury’s death. I was then deeply fascinated by expressing feelings in motion, using co-ordination of differing techniques of two arms. I have been developing the technique ever since. I do enjoy creativeness when compiling various choreographies and planning performances. I love fairy tales, legends and stories from history and bringing their heroes to life. I perform with my group as well as an individual or being a guest at various events or with musicians. I always do my best to deliver the very special energy hoping the audience will take some of the spark home.

Vladimír Akáda Adámek

Line-Up since 2021




Vladimír Akáda Adámek - group leader, performing since 1996




Petr Žákis Žák - member since 2002




Diana Dido Dokoupilová - member since 2012 
Singer Among the Fires




Alexandr Lexa Bálint - guest parts in sword fights, member since 2003 



Fire Trio: Žákis, Akáda and Diana,  (photo 2019)


Lexa, Diana, Akáda and Žákis,  (photo 2019)






Swords & Lightning team: guests and co-operating friends



Nikola Němečková - Wallachian dancer; she prefers oriental dances and is skilled with fire




Gabra Strigas - participating in fire dances



10th Anniversary of Swords &Lightning, present and former members and guests.

We are extremely restless as a group and it is very rare to see all of us altogether. 

Maybe in a car going to a show. One of the exclusive photos from 2012:
Left to right: Diana (member-to-be), Crazy (guest), Nela (guest), Ježek, Lexa (former member), Žákis, 

Akáda, Katka (guest), Bobr (guest), Wolfík (former guest) and Knoflenka (guest) Brandýs, December 1, 2012


●  Founding members in 2002 

Akáda, Wolfík and Žákis.

Žákis, Wolfík and Akáda (Death). Lexa (a member-to-be then) watching from distance.